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my step-mom

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it started when she was taking a bath.i didn't know she was in there and i walked in on her.i had just finished jacking off so i had a hudge boner.i got out of there fast.when she got out of the bath she came into my room and sat down next to me.she said that i shouldn't be shy about it.she told me that she was very horney.i told her that i thought she was sexy.she started to take off my boxxers and i started to take off her bra.after that i took off her thong.i started playing with her tits.then i started eating her out.i told her that i was ready to put it in her.she said that she was ready.i put it in her i blew my load felt so good.we had sex every time i whent to her house.

my step-mom

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