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Sex = Female
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My first time was very unexpected and probably the most irresponsible thing I ever did. I had been out with this guy once and had had a great time. Since I had just started dating I was also somewhat naive. I knew what sex was about but didn't realized how quickly things could get out of hand. We had parked at one of the favorite spots for kids from my school and we started kissing and again being new to the dating thing it was the first time I was introduced to french kissing. One thing led to another and after he had played with my breast he ran his hand up my skirt and ran his finger inside my already aroused clit. He made a comment about how wet I was and laid me down in the seat and at the same time unzipped his jeans and got himself out. The next thing I knew we were doing it and my whole body was tingling. He was shoving himself hard inside me and everytime it went deep I shivered until I had a massive orgasm. Then I felt a warm sensation and I realized it was him cumming in me. Not only had I lost my virginity but I had taken a chance on getting knocked up my very first time. I was lucky and dodged that bullet.


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