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my wet horny aunt wendy

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ok this happend when i was 15 i was at my house setting her jacking off with a pair of my aunts pantys that she had wore the day before and all of a sudden the door bell rang so i put the pantys in my pocket and shuved my dick back into my pants so i went to open the door and it was my aunt wendy gallard she has the sexyest body that i have ever seen she is a 36 b cup and masturbates i was searching through her pany drawer and i felt somthing hard and it was her dildo it was still wet so i stuck it in my mouth to get all her juices off of it but anyways she came over to take a shower because her hot water heater fucked up so she needed to use are shower but she got more that she wanted so she went to the bath room and she started stripin and she got down to her bra and panties she forgot her towel so she walks through the house half naked me just setting there watching her staring at her ass in a sexy thong i am suprised she didnt see my boner it was sticking out the front of my pants u couldnt miss it but she did so she walk back to the bathroom and take off her bra and pantys she didnt think much about it me being her nephew and all while my aunt wendy was taking a shower i went in the bathroom and acted like i was using the bathroom and started jacking off with her panties she used and came in them by that time i said fuck it i striped naked and jumped in the shower with my aunt wendy was freaking out she didnt notice i was in there untill my boner poked her in the ass while she was freakin out i grabbed her and pulled her close to me i bent down and started lapping at her pussy lips then wendy started loosuning up and started moaning and spreading her legs more she was moaning my name "ooooohhhh yes lick my pussy cody make me cum i wanna squirt right in ur face" and about that time she came in my face i lapped up all the cum i could get then i stood up pulled her leg up and jamed my dick into her wet snatch she just screamed with pelasure an organasm right after another i came right about her 10 organasm i couldnt take anymore when we got done we dryed our selfs and went to my room and fucked like animals for like 3 hours she had about 40 organasm in that time it was about 6:00 when she had to go but she said we could fuck again any time i wanted to oh i sure do love my aunt wendy gallard

my wet horny aunt wendy

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