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fucked my cousin

Sex = Male
Where it happened = my cousins house
Language = english
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well it was 2005 and i was 17. my cousin had a very sexy petitte girlfriend. one nite we were all at his house watching a movie. his girlfriend was the same age as him and she was 25. me and her were laying on the floor. we werent watching the movie we were flirting. my cousin was asleep so we cud do w.e. we wanted. i had my hand up her shirt on her tits. her bra unstrapped in the front so i took care of tht and took it off. i strted rubbing her tits. she asked me wut i was doing. i said i was having fun. she went with it and she leaned over and strted french kissing me. she asked me if i wnted to get her in bed. i quickly said yes. we went up stairs in my cousins room. i took off her shirt and her panties. she stripped me down as fast as she could. she saw my 9 inch dick and just smiled. she jumped on the bed with her legs wide open. i went over and licked her pussy and made her cum. she got up on pushed me towards the best. she got on top of my dick and strted riding it like a cowgirl. she was screaming and said tht i was bigger and better then my cousin. i was feeling the cum coming i tld her and she got off and opened her mouth. i shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed it all. we did it 5 more times tht nite. every time im at my cousins house now we hav sex. one time we had a 4 way she brought her friend over and me and my cousin fucked them both. we had alot of fun and we do it alot now

fucked my cousin

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