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Three Some First Time

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Friends Closet
Language = English
Refnum = 46340
So my favorite part of Halloween is all the girls that dress up in little slutty outfits i was at this party at my friends house and i thought that this was the perfect night to make a move on these girls that i have always been great friends with for a long time but i thought i would take things a little further. They were the most gorgeous girls on this earth one was a dark skinned goddess with brown hair and perfect b cup boobs, the other an amazingly hot blonde with a super nice body. since it was halloween they both decided to dress up as cats in tight spandex suits, it was so hot. so they said that they were going to change and i said jokingly i would go with them but unexpectedly they said yes. So i went to the closet and i still to this day dont know wat they wispered to each other but it kinda turned me on. so they wispered to each other and as one got dressed the other one started to take off my pants. i beat her to the chase and took off my pants super quickly and very eager. so the girl taking off her clothes had such a perfect body and one of the tightest pussys ive ever seen. the girl taking off my pants pulled out my cock and started sucking my rock hard dick. then the girl that was taking off her clothes came over and started kissing my neck i reached down and felt her wet warm pussy, then the other girl got undressed and i felt her pussy and stuck my two fingers in her pussy it was soo tight, the tightest ive ever been with,, i was in heaven and then all of sudden i heard the one girl moan i want you inside me,, i was so stoked so i eased my way in her tight pusssy and she was moaning soo loud which really turned me on and the other girl took over and started riding my dick it was the best ever

Three Some First Time

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