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Sex = Male
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when i was in secondary school, i've one girlfriend call yaya. she was 16 by that time and myself 17. like other couple, we always find a place and time for romance, don't care at empty classes, bush or my home. kissing and touching her breast were normal activities when we met but i never touch any girl pussy before that. many of my friends told that girl's pussy is stink but i don't believe it as she look like a very clean and nice girl and always use perfume. one day, i took her to my home,that time my mum was cooking at kitchen and she never disturb me when i have guest. like always, i started to kiss her lips, neck and lick over on it till she moar. at the same time she also make her move and both of us became high and high. once she grap me tighly to her, i start to make an action to her breast, the breast that i felt best till nowadays. and take her bra off. i lick and suck the breast like a hungry baby and my other hand go to her skirt and rub at her pussy. she moar agressively and i continue to move my hand inside her has hairy pussy on it and i still looking for her 'pearl'...then....found it...very wet and i rub it till she also hold my penis hardly. but i felt strange when i pull my hand from her pussy and i smelt it....what a shit....very stinky pussy..... and i cannot continue further...... that is my first time to touch and rub girl's pussy.... you were right my girl that we romance after school time have a very stink pussy...hahahaha


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