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FIRST Tit, hand job, blow job

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This happened 15 years ago. I met the younger sister "M" of a close female friend and at first sight I was in love. She was only 14 at the time and I was 18. During this time in my life, I was really picky with who I wanted to be with and had "relationships" with several girls in the past. I had kissed several girls in the past but never went further than that cuz I always thought that since I didn't want a future with them I was taking advantage of them. Well to make a long story short. Me and my friend's sister secretly started to get together. At first, we would just talk on the phone and the only time I would be able to see her in person was when I came over to my friend. This went on for a few months but eventually "M" wanted to be with me in person. I told her that it was a bad idea. I told her that I was uncomfortable with her being so much younger, yet I still found myself very attracted to her. I told her that if I were to be alone with her, I wouldn't be able to control myself and because of her age, I didn't want to take advantage of her or get her pregnant. But she insisted and told me that I wasn't taking advantage of her because she loved me and wanted to be with me and because I felt the same we eventually agreed to meet. Because we wanted to be with each other so badly We planned it so that the furthest we would go was 2nd base. When the day came, I picked her up and brought her over to my house. We sat on the couch next to each other and just watched TV as I was feeling real awkward that I was letting this happen. After about 30 minutes she suddenly jumped on my lap and was holding me close to her. She asked me if I was feeling OK. I told her I was feeling awkward, but she just smiled and gave me a quick kiss. Then she asked me: How about now? I just smiled and returned the kiss, slowly I started to work my hands up and down her back. As I was kissing her I was thinking that this would be the moment. So I slowly moved my right hand around her back to her chest and started fondling her breast. I immediately got a hard on. I kissed her harder and moved my left hand over so that both my hands cupped her small breasts (First time I fondled someone). She was a A cup and her small breasts felt soft in my hands. I removed the jersey and looked at her. She had on a pair of black bra. (I had told her previously that I get turned on by women in black bras :P) I unhooked the bra and removed them and pushed her closer to me and starting licking her brown nipples. I looked up at her and she smiled and said how good it felt. As I was licking and biting her nipples (first time I sucked nipple) and felt like I was in heaven, she moved her hand down to my penis and started rubbing me. Then she un-buttoned my jeans and grabbed my penis and start giving me a hand job. I was in absolute heaven! I got so horny after that that I started taking her pants off. She stopped me and said I thought that we were going to stop at 2nd base. But I was so horny now that I wanted more. I told her that since she was rubbing my penis so good I wanted to finger her and that was the it. She agreed, so I took her pants off. I pulled her panties aside and inserted my finger into her vagina and started rubbing her clit. We went at it for almost an hour and I was so horny. She didn't want to go any further but she knew I was really horny. So I told her, Why don't you give me a blow job? She resisted at first because I told her that I thought it was kinda gross. But now I know that when you're horny..NOTHINGS Eventually she agreed, and she put my penis into her mouth. Mind that she's only 14 and was completely clueless on what to do. So I took her finger and told her to do to my penis what I do to her finger. She obliged and soon she was able to do it on her own without my coaching. I ended up cumming in her mouth and she spit it out. She didn't like the taste :p After that, it never really wanted to give me a blow job. Anyways, we were together for almost a year before we finally broke up and I found out she ended up dating one of her brother's friend! Hopefully, I didn't ruin it for him :p I still think about her sometime and still consider her my love.

FIRST Tit, hand job, blow job

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