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First Blowjob Surprise

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My first blowjob was a complete surprise! When I was a freshmen in high school I stayed the weekend at a friend's house and we slept in the same bed. We were two of the youngest students in our class, and were typical late bloomers. We were both athletic and in pretty good shape since it was in the winter during wrestling season. Anyway, not long after we went to bed, I felt my friends hand go into my briefs and he started stroking my dick and I got really hard instantly... so I started doing the same for him. After a few minutes, he slid my underwear down and I felt him move down to my dick. He stopped stroking it and just held it, and then Ohhhh... I felt his mouth slide down on my cock. I will never forget the wonderful feeling of it sliding into his mouth. It was so soft and warm and my dick just flexed hard and stayed that way. In no time at all I was cumming and I could feel him swallow with each blast of sperm. After he finished, I was dazed and jacked him off. Well, that was my first blowjob, and never have I had another one as incredible as that. As we got older, we started dating females exclusively and I have been happily married for 10 years now. But I have no regrets about the homosexual experiences that occured when I was in adolescence.

First Blowjob Surprise

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