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S.H. cont. first time in my pussy

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I'm continuing from S.H.(my initials) #45618........K. and I continued to do anal and oral. We had to be careful because my mom was getting wise to us. For about three months after he took my anal cherry, we would play - and we were falling in love for sure. I know we were acting much more friendly, and were closer physically in front of my family and in public. If my mom and her boyfriend left home for a night or longer, then K. would be able to fuck my ass because we would have enough time to clean up. If we had less time then we would 69. This would get us both so stirred up that we came very close to fucking (my pussy that is) for real. More than once his fat purple cock head was pressed right up against my hymen and he begged for me to let him in, but I always would tell him no - I don't know how I did. If he had held me down and just stuck me, I would've been just fine with it. But I never actually gave him permission and he never went against my direction. He would rub his shaft between my labia and blow is load in my thick blond bush. One time he even shot his load right into my vagina as I pulled my labia apart and then he massaged his seed all around my vulva. Of course this could have gotten me pregnant even though my cherry was intact, but it didn't, thankfully. If we had even less time, we would just make out and he would finger fuck me while I jacked him off. We actually had a lot of fun doing this. This all continued just fine until the one weekend where my mom and her boyfriend decided to go on a weekend get away to some time share crap. Unfortunately, they got into a fight and came back early. K. and I had been doing it all and were right in the middle of him rigorously pounding my tender teen asshole with his thick hard man-cock. We had been on our hands and knees in the living room watching a porno and fucking right along with the cast. When we heard the car pull up and saw the headlights light up the room, we both gasped "Shit!" K. said, "I won't stop, I gotta cum." and slammed into my plump ass with maybe a half a dozen powerful strokes before blasting my rectum full off cream. He pulled out of me with a delicious sucking slurp and turned off the dvd and T.V. before bolting to his room while I could hardly get to my feet and pull on my baby doll nightie as I heard my parents feet crunching on the gravel, approaching the door. I just had my nightie - no panties or bra - soaked in sweat, and well, you can imagine the smell in the room. The real dilemma was that I had a huge load of cum in my ass and it was hell trying to keep my stretched and gaping hole clenched shut. My heart was pounding as they opened the door. I couldn't move because I thought I might take a shit right there, but I managed to get to the kitchen and lean against the counter for support. When they came in, they were bickering at each other, but soon noticed my condition and the aforementioned smell. When questioned, I said that I had thought they wouldn't be home and was just, "enjoying time to myself". I think at that point they had deduced that I was playing with myself and they had interrupted me. When N. (my mom's boyfriend - soon to be step dad)clicked on the T.V. and saw a Buttman video he did ask, what if K. came out of his room and saw me watching this, and where did I get this video anyway?! I kept my cool and played it off that I had snuck it from K's room and that I was sure he was asleep. Everything would have been fine at this point - they were pissed and tired. they weren't up for a fight or grand interrogation....EXCEPT, I couldn't hold the load in my ass and I let a loud fart. It released all the air that K. had pushed into me as he fucked me, but far worse, the huge load of semen mixed with some anal lube and a small amount of shit. I guess it could have been worse, I do have a big bubble butt and (some have said) thunder thighs, which kept some of the sluice between my checks and running down my legs instead of splattered on the floor - which is where the majority ended up. "O.M.G.!", I cried and ran to the bathroom. Too bad K. actually wasn't there as a witness - he would have gotten off on it, big time. What would have been best, in retrospect, would have been for me to have dropped a full load of crap, so that the semen would not have been noticed. But it was eventually and certainly recognized. I guess if I had to get technical, I'd say it was 70% cum, 15%lube and 15% poop. That's when mom confronted me in the bathroom and N. confronted K. also. She had a paper towel with a large amount of K.'s jism on it. "What the hell is this!?", she yelled. I won't get into the long horrible series of questions and painful answers - eventually, after trying to deny it (my mom had threatened to have the semen tested to see if it was K.'s)I had to admit what we had done. I made sure that she knew that it was not against my will and that it had always been in my rear, not vaginal. I don't think that it helped much. Later, K. would say that N. was not that upset with our loving and had actually seemed quite interested, if not turned on. But he knew that all of our living arrangements would change. K. moved out in two weeks and we were NEVER left alone and rarely were we in the same room. It was heart breaking, but what could we do. My mom could have pressed charges, but didn't, as long as we weren't to see each other - ever. I cried a lot. There was no other guy for me the remainder of my sophomore year. Sometimes, when I could, I would fuck my own ass with a banana, but it was never even close to what I had. In school I continued to play volleyball and also took up taekwondo. The exercise and my continuing puberty caused me to loose some baby fat - about two inches off my hips and maybe four from my waist. My legs became more defined - I definitely was looking better. My junior year I did go on a few dates. One guy had a pretty nice cock, but it would just explode each time I touched it - what a let down! Another popular jock was all talk. When it came to fucking my ass (I told him he couldn't have my pussy)he could never get it in (I had tightened up since K.)and he would just hump my ass crack or just loose his hard on. Of course, this didn't stop him from telling several people that he had, in fact, fucked me in the ass. I never forgot K., and many nights I'd play with myself and wished he was there, and wondered where he was. N. was cool enough to pass a card on to me on my 17th birthday from K.! It had $200.00 in it and just said "I will always love you, K." That was so awesome. Not long after that, I came home and found a pair of my black lycra volleyball shorts (his favorite!) filled with cum! I knew he had snuck into my room, through the window that I had left cracked open, unknowingly, and had given me this sign. As I had done the first time he did this, I rubbed his cum all over myself and licked the crotch of my shorts clean of his cream. I wished I had a gallon of his juice to bathe in and drink. What would he leave me next?! After that day, always left my window open. Every so often I would come home after school to find a present like money or lingerie, love notes and cum drenched under garments that I would lovingly wear all night. Maybe eight months after my seventeenth birthday and into my senior year, my parents (N. had married my mom) took another weekend vacation. Laying in bed, I was wearing a blue satin teddy that K. had left for me. I heard a tapping on my window and went to it. There he was! K. had returned to me and looked even better than before. I let him in and we kissed and hugged and cried for the longest time. He asked me to show him my new body - still pear shaped but athletic. His hands were all over me and it was magical. He pulled off my teddy and sucked my tits. God, how I missed his hungry suckling on my puffy nippled cones! I yanked off his clothes to reveal and even more buff body than I had known. His cock had never been fuller and my labia were dripping in anticipation. I had to suck that wonderful cock first and knelt before my man and began fucking his cock with my mouth.Every ounce of my being went to making his fuck stick feel good. Precum and saliva flooded my mouth and dripped down my chin and onto my tits and belly, eventually trickling into my bush.He raised me up and laid me on my bed. Spreading my legs wide and stroking my thighs, he dove into my pussy. Sucking and licking, kissing and nibbling savagely - he devoured my clit labia and asshole and everything around them. I had never generated such a frothy cummy mess. I cried and screamed, sighed and moaned with pleasure and joy. he was literally drinking me. I shuddered and came hard three times before he paused. Climbing up my body, taking a moment to suck my breasts again, we kissed. he whispered, "That's the last time I'll eat that virgin pussy." I knew exactly what he had meant. he wasn't going to probe my ass just for pleasure. We were going to become one and fuck to make baby. I wept with joy - nothing was going to stop him now, and I was completely ready to take his seed and bear his child. It was going to happen right now and it was probably one of the most thrilling moments in my life. I wrapped my strong legs around his powerful body as he pulled himself into position. His familiar fat cock head dropped right into position between my inner labia and right into my hole - as if it was destiny - no fumbling adjustments necessary. "Will you have me and my baby?", he said softly. "Yes my love.", I replied. "Fuck me and give me a baby, love". With that, he pressed into me popping through my cherry. As he tore through my hymen, I let out a sound I could never hope to describe. I can only say it wrapped up a dozen emotions and came from deep within my soul. Slowly at first he slid in bit by bit. Thankfully, I was so wet - it helped. He quickened the pace. It stung - he has a big man's cock, and I, a teen aged girl's virgin pussy. But I wasn't a small girl and I think I had a good sized vagina for him - a good snug, but ample fit. We caressed each other and kissed while we copulated. I could feel him now. so deep inside of me - we, becoming each other. Our hearts pounded inches from the other and the time neared. "Are you sure you are ready?", he said. "oh Yes!", I countered. With that he cried, "I'm gonna cum for you!", and blasted my womb with waves of pearly seed. We held each other for a time, I couldn't tell you how long, it was. We made love about twenty times in approx. three days. Early Monday morning he had to leave - both of us flat out exhausted. We made contact here and there throughout the next weeks. The time for my period came and went, and went, and went. He brought me two different home kits and surprise, surprise, I was definitely pregnant. When I turned eighteen a few months later, I really could pass for just getting heavier, although I jumped from a B cup to a C. By graduation, it was clear to my closest friends that I was with child, but in my robes it still wasn't very noticeable. But again, all that's another story.....

S.H. cont. first time in my pussy

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