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Horny PK

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Boy this is weird writing about what I did to get me to this point. At my school if you have excellent grades you don’t have to take end of year exams. My friend and I qualified. So, we are doing this sleep over, school is over for us. Her mom and dad out shopping and we are the only ones home. To celebrate we get a bottle of wine from the cellar and get pretty looped. The next thing I know we are laughing; sending cell phone pictures to our boyfriends. They are texting ‘show us more’! We took the dare and got naked and sent them very naughty pictures. Jill’s bf calls her and wants to come over. My dumb ass bf sends my nude pix to his friends! Asshole! The next day everyone at school has seen my nude pix. Of course my folks find out and I am the grounded big time. So, my summer is going to be sitting my butt at home. My parents are so mad at me; they refuse to even take me on vacation with them. They leave on a cruise to the Caribbean the next week. I am sent to my Aunt and Uncle’s house. Oh, my Uncle is a preacher. I think my dad thought he would straighten me out or something. Then there is my cousin, Steve. He just graduated from high school. Since we really never saw each other that much and he was 4 -5 years older than me, I was not close to him. The first night I think he was feeling sorry for me and he asks me if I would like to go with him to the book store. As he is looking for textbooks for his college classes, he asks me about the pictures. We talked for along time and he started to ask me about sex. When I told him I was a virgin, he laughed. Finally, I convinced him, just because I was 5’8” with long blonde hair, big boobs, and an ass to die for, I was not a slut! He could not believe being an athlete and cheerleader and doing the picture thing that I was not bonking everyone. Steve is tall with dark hair and very muscular from basketball and track. He is a good looking ‘older’ man! The next day I slept til noon. When I got up, Steve was on the patio reading and everyone was gone for the day. I asked if I could get in the hot tub and do some sun bathing. He replied, Go for it. I went and got on my Caribbean swim suit, a bright yellow, cheeky cut bikini. As I walked on to the patio I threw my towel at him, I could see he was definitely paying attention. After a few minutes, he went and put on his trunks and joined me in the hot tub. We played around a bit and I could see he was getting a hard on and that excited me. We playfully wrested and he was touching me all over with me playing innocent to his touching. Then all of a sudden he jumped out and grabbed a towel and ran into the house. I sat there waiting on him to return, when his cell started to ring and it was a call from the college. I grabbed his phone and ran in to find him. Without knocking I just opened his bedroom door and froze! He was lying on his bed with his eyes closed, his legs hanging off the side from the knees down. His wet trunk was at his ankles and he was jackin off big time. When he saw me and shouted motherfucker, oh, shit! I was still frozen at the door. My eyes were taking in a totaling embarrassing moment. My face was hot and I could not speak. He immediately begins to attempt to pull up his wet shorts. They are sticking to his legs and wouldn’t come up. His dick was glistening from lubricate and is sticking straight out from his body. This was not my first time to see a dick, but Steve’s was long and big and pulsing up and down. He was trying to say something, but nothing was coming out and I was still in my trance. For some reason, I started moving towards him and the next thing I remember he was kissing me. My mind was totally gone and my legs were jelly. Either he pulled me on to him or I fell on him. His hands slid under my top he was sucking my tits. The wetness of his mouth felt so good and I could feel the stubble of his unshaven face. He pushed me back and got up and said you’re my cousin and I stood up and pealed off my bikini bottoms and fell back on the bed. He immediately started to eat my very wet and hairy pussy. Ok, I don’t shave my muff (he has since trimmed it up for me, it’s nice) Steve was going at it hard and fast. Suddenly he stopped and asked me again if I was a virgin and I told him I was. He lifted my butt into the air using my legs and put the towel under me. He let me down and slowly slid his dick into me. Honestly, it was not much feeling at first, and then it begins to get real intense. He was fucking me so hard I was moving up the bed with each stroke. I was very vocal and he was too. Then he pulled out and shot the most beautiful streams of cum from the end of his beautiful dick. Cum covered my furry pussy and up to my chin. Cum was running off of me and drips were hanging between his fingers. I tasted it off of my tit, it wasn't too bad. Then he asked if I wanted to lick his dick. At first I refused, then thought why not. So, as I licked him, he would flinch and moan. It was so weird, but the more I sucked him,the more I wanted to suck him. And while he fucked me I did not hurt or bleed. We cuddled for a while then he fucked me doggie. What a trip that was! That week he fucked me several times a day.He would sneak into my room at night for a blow job or a quickie. We are talking about a three way with a basketball friend of his. Steve is a sex hound and I love it. We have sat at his computer with his dick up me and read many of the stories here plus watched lots of porn movies. This was much better than a cruise! Here is what I learned don’t send nude pictures of yourself to anyone and Preacher’s Kids are horny dudes.

Horny PK

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