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Boy Boy

Sex = Male
Where it happened = His Bed
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Iím almost as nervous about admitting this as we were when it happened. To start, we were only 15, not very developed yet and knew just a little about masturbation. Imagine if you are too scared to masturbate how you might feel about jacking off with another boy.

Iíd just met Tommy during the summer. He was over at my house almost every day when out of the blue he asked me one day if I liked to jack off. I felt a strange tingle all over but especially in my penis area and I said, sometimes. There was a long pause then he asked how I liked to do it. His whole body seemed to be shaking by then. I said I didnít know how to answer that and he seemed so nervous or upset I asked him if he was ok. Of course I knew where this was leading and I was getting real hard waiting for him to just say it. When Tommy saw the bulge in my shorts he knew Iíd gotten the hint. Finally he asked if we could jack off together. As Tommy stood up I could see the bulge in his shorts too. He had no idea how long I waited to hear him ask, since the day I met him I started masturbating and fantasizing about him and now I could tell him.

We stood in front of each other and started to undress. I could feel cum already dripping from my small penis and couldnít wait to show him. Tommy never seemed to stop shaking. I was undressed first and my penis stood straight out pointing right at his. Tommy stared hypnotically at my little penis dripping cum on the floor as he removed his underpants. His tiny 3 inch penis was throbbing like mad as it sprang from his underpants and they dropped to the floor. Still staring at my penis Tommy took my hands in his he closed his eyes, then he sort of started to convulse and shiver all over he gasped for air, I got worried, then suddenly he took a deep breath arched his back aiming his tiny penis in the air and a stream of warm cum came gushing from his penis spurting all over me and the floor. As this was happening I pulled Tommy nearer to me, I was so excited, his cum dripping from my penis, when our penises touched I moaned and let my load go all over Tommy. I never thought we could do all that without touching our penises.

Boy Boy

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