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first gay gangbang

Sex = Male
Where it happened = a party at college
Language = english
Refnum = 45440
so this happened a couple weeks ago and i'm still stoked about it. and im bisexual. it was my freshman year at college and i went to a party my friend had told me about (she wasn't there). as soon as i got in, i knew i was gonna have fun because people were having sex all over the place. nobody bothered to find a room, they just fucked where they were. I opened my fly and started fondling my cock and soon, one of the cheerleaders was sucking on it. it felt great. i got off and she took it in her mouth and got up to go clean up or something. I grabbed her and pulled her to me and made out with her, mixing my cum around with my tongue. its like our tongues were wrestling in a huge vat of cum, which was AWESOME. so i took it all and swallowed it, then saw a couple of guys jacking off near me. they were watching me and the cheerleader. i took off all my clothes and threw them in the corner. then i got on my knees and started jacking off the two guys. they loved it. a bunch of other guys saw me do this. the straight ones were disgusted and looked away, the drunk straight ones came over to me, and the gay ones (most of them were drunk straights or fags, lucky for me) came over to me. I leaned forward and exposed my asshole, which was immediately filled with a huge cock (it felt like a six incher!) and i blew a guy standing in front of me. So now i had two cocks in my hands, one in my mouth, and one in my ass. by about midnight, i had jacked off 4 guys, blown 3, and had 5 fuck my ass. Then, when some left and more arrived, i sat on the floor and let some dudes shoot their loads in my mouth while i fingered my ass and rode on it. about 12 or 13 guys (and a girl who squirts) had shot their warm, delicious loads in my mouth. i was so full of cum that it was dribbling down my chin and chest. i wiped it up with my fingers, shoved thim in my ass, and kept riding. by now, all the straight guys and left because of the fag orgy we were having, so it was just me, about 13 dudes, and 6 chicks from the cheerleading team. it was awesome because since i was the only bisexual there (the rest of the dudes were gay only), all 6 chicks focused on me. they cheered me on as i swallowed that HUGE cum load, and we made out, snowballing the cum of a couple of dudes who couldn't get off before i swallowed it. later, alll of us still naked, wet, and dripping in cum, we all lied on the floor together (all wrapped around each other) and watched movies. Yeah, corny ending, but awesome. it was the best night of my life, that's for damn sure.

first gay gangbang

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