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Hot fuk

Sex = Male
Where it happened = football stadium
Language = english
Refnum = 45416
me and this hot grl i new had been frends for a while. we had first met on a skool trip. on the way bak we played this game. i would touch her in different places, gettin closer and closer to her tits. each time i moved i would say r u nervous. she wuld say no till i actually touched her tits and then she would scream yes. her name was jessica. my name was johnny. wen we got to the football stadium, i had a condom in my poket. we started talkin and i felt her up a few times. all my frends wer actin crazy. then ma and jessica went behind the conssesin stand. she whispered in my ear"i am so horny, fuk me u big boy". i took out the condom and she sed screw that and threw it away. she started givin me a bj. i blew my load on her face, then ate her out. then she jumped up and sat on my dik. it felt amazin. she was goin up and down and she was so tite she had 2 be a virgn. suddenly i came inside. she sed finally i came 3 times already!! then we went bak out and wached the game. Anderson high lost. o did i metion we both 15 and virgins b4 that??

Hot fuk

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