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Masturbation on a school bus

Sex = Male
Where it happened = after school bus
Language = English
Refnum = 45405
Well... the title says it all. I hadn't masturbated in around 2 weeks since I was so occupied with homework and all that when I was going home on the after school bus, I got an erection and I really wanted to masturbate. Since there weren't that many people on the after school but that day, I started stroking it at first, putting my bag above so that no one from outside the windows could see. (it's a 40 minute bus ride btw, I live quite far from my school :\). After around 5 minutes, I started to draw the curtains and I started to jack off under my pants and I it felt soo good to do it after so long. Anyways, this went on for like 20 more minutes and then I blew my load right into my underwear... Since I've swallowed my semen b4, I got as much on my hands and then licked it all off, that way I wouldn't have some trailing down my legs if I got up. I had my trumpet in its case there with me and I held it in front of me as I walked back home from the bus stop. I changed straight away once I got into my room. Anyways, I'll never forget that day... It was a great experience and I think I'll do it more often when there aren't that many people on the bus.

Masturbation on a school bus

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