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gang bang

Sex = Female
Where it happened = car
Language = english
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this happened when my brother and 2 of his friends and our other cousin was giving me and my brother a ride .as we approached our house i asked why he was going so fast , he said he was going to store first and would drop us off on the way back .as we left the store he took a dirt road and the other 2 jumped me and started holding me and pulling off my clothes .my brother was just sitting there as they all was older and bigger than him .they got me down to my panties and i was crying and trying to fight them off when one said look at that hairy pussy peeking thru her panties ,i got to fuck this bitch and whipped out a nice size dick. my brother told them we would just walk home and be quiet about this just let us go but they was having none of that , they held my legs apart with my ass partly hanging off the backseat as he stood in the door and started fucking me . the driver was next and his dick was damn huge he fucked me till i was cumming so hard my cousin and brother was jacking off watching . after that big dick had pummeled my pussy i looked over at my cousin and brother jacking off , they both was hung and i really wanted some more dick , i was so wet and turned on and knew if i fucked either my cousin or brother i had to fuck the other one to keep them both quiet.i went for broke and told them not to waste that nut come fuck me , they was racing and pushing to try and get to me first , i was now nothing but a slut whore and i was loving it , my cousin fucked me first then my brother slid into my well fucked pussy , it was so hot as we both fucked each other so hard until he shot his juice deep in my pussy as i was holdinh him tight , i never knew my little brother who was 16 at the time could fuck so good , we continued to sneak and fuck for a few years until we both went our seperate ways but i'll never forget my first gang bang .

gang bang

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