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Brothers friend?

Sex = Female
Where it happened = his car
Language = English
Refnum = 45023
I've always had a lil crush on my older brothers friend, fernando. hes 19 and im 15 i never thought anything would ever happen between us but then all of asudden he started callin me n texting me we then decided to chill together. i didnt think nothing much was goin to happen just us maybe kiss. i had a bf then and he has a gf. he picked me up at around 8 and we went for a drive around 9 he stopped at wat looked like an empty parking lot. we started kissing and his hand went from my thigh to down my pants i stopped kissing him knowin wat we were doin is wrong in so many ways and he said everything will be fine and ill be home in no time i then started kissin him again n his hand went down my pants. he then told me to go to the back and i did we were kissing again wen i took off my pants and shirt horny wantin him to fuk me. he took off his pants n put on the condom. he grabbed me and put me on top of him, i grabed his large and hard dick and put it inside my wet pussy i rode him for about 10 min wen he pushed me down and got on top of me. he pushed his still hard dick far down n i let out a loud moan. we fucked for about 10 more min wen he took me home. i often see him and everytime we fuck. my brother doesnt know and he will never know that his sexy close friend is my fuck buddy!

Brothers friend?

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