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Fucking a Black GIrl

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This all started when I came over to my friends Apt. We went outside and there were 3 girls outside. (all black). One was fat, and the other two were hot. They had a nice ass and nice lookin tits. We flirted with them a little bit and they wanted to play cops and robbers with us. So we were the cops and they ran up to a parking lot. We went up there and me and my friend split up. I saw one of the hot girls and I chased her. I caught her and grabbed her by her arms and pulled her ass by where my dick was. (unintentally) I think she got excited at this and she started grinding her ass against my dick. I got hard and she could feel it. But we both played it off like it was nothing. Couple hours later I was waitng for my friend while he was getting something to eat from his house. The same girl opened the Apt building door and called my name. I just stood there for a second. And then she said "come here". So I went to her and she told me to follow her, I followed her down the stairs where no one was and she grabbed me and started to kiss me. I grabbed her ass and started kissing her all over. Next I started playing with her pussy through her jeans. She told me her mom wasn't home and that I could come in and fuck her. Immediatly I followed her and threw her on to her couch. I layed on top of her and started kissing her. I then took of her top and she took of her bra. She had nice 32C. I licked her nipples and licked down towards her pussy. Then I took of her pants and started playing with her pussy through her thong. I ripped her thong of and revealed her shaven pussy. I then started eating her out. She moaned so hard that I thought someone would hear us that was walking by. But I continued to eat her out. I could feel my dick getting bigger and bigger. I got up and rubbed her pussy with my dick. She moaned even louder since she was anxious for my dick. I stuck it in real quick and took it out she let out a loud scream and told me to stick it in please. I started to fuck her. She cummed about 6 times. She was tellin me the whole time that she wants to feel me inside her and that motivaded me to even fuck her harder. When I told her I had to cum she said cum in my pussy baby please i couldnt hold it so i cummed all in her pussy. After that we took a shower together and I left. No one ever found out about it.

Fucking a Black GIrl

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