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Sixflags Titfuck

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Sixflags
Language = English
Refnum = 44866
One Saturday I had gone to Six Flags with my class, and a few friends and I went on the Logger's Run ride. When we were getting back after getting soaked, we saw this chick with an amazing rack drying herself off. Did I mention she only had a bikini on for a top?! She didn't have a towel, so she was shaking herself off, and one of her tits popped out of her top. We were stunned and stared for a bit, but we eventually moved on. On Superman I was odd one out, and they thought it would be funny to leave without me. As I was walking around phoneless and moneyless, I bumped into the same girl who had the hot rack. After saying sorry to Terri, we talked and she said she could help. I could tell she wanted to hit it off. She took me out to the parking lot, and opened up her friend's car, an SUV. I saw that the windows were heavily tinted and there was one of those heat shields on the front window. We got in the back and she just kissed me right there. We fell into the seat and started making out. After a little bit, she folded down the middle seats and we took off our clothes. She started giving me a blowjob, but then moved a little down to her tits. I gotta say, a titfuck from her is ecstacy. She knew just how to do it. Eventually, I came all over her and she fell on top of me. We fucked several times in that car during the day, but I never saw her after that again.

Sixflags Titfuck

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