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After school

Sex = Male
Where it happened = At school
Language = English
Refnum = 44844
It was another normal school day when me and this girl i like had sex at first we were passing around love note in class everyday and she always saying how she likes to see me everytime she looks at me and she wanted me to fuck her so......that was an ofer i coun'nt resist so after school at 3pm i got her from her class and we went to the bathroom to have sex first she hold my hard stiff cock inside my pants and she take it out and she started sucking it and that felt real good to me so while she was sucking my hard dick i started rubbing her pussy when she stopped she throw me on the ground and put my hard big dick up into her pussy she started screaming and shouting saying "fuck me harder it feel nice" so i did what she said so after i finish fucked her i cum in her face as she wanted and then she said to me that ws the best sex she ever had like if she had sex already. and that was my first time.

After school

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