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dry hump

Sex = Male
Where it happened = the house next door
Language = english
Refnum = 44761
When I was a kid I use to hang out with the neighbor boys and we'd have our adventures. So one day I was with about 3 of my buddies and we were kicking back in our little fort when the 16 year old neighbor girl came into our fort and chilled with us for a while then asked us if we wanted to play 'Mother may I?" So we all aggreed and she told all of us to stand against one of the walls of our fort and she would give the commands. Well, it all started out pretty innocent then she mad commands for us to take our clothes off, then later to masturbate so that she could see us with stiff ones. She later took her pants off, but kept her undies on and asked each of us to dry hump her. This went on for a while then she asked each of us to beat-off again until we shot our loads. We did this a few times then she just quit. She wasn't all that beautiful of a girl, but she made me rise to the occassion.

dry hump

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