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My horny teacher

Sex = Male
Where it happened = school classroom
Language = English
Refnum = 44326
My first time was with my German teacher. She was in her 50s and was a sexy as anyone else. She also had firm big tits. She also had a tight ass. So I was sitting in class and she was teaching. She was wearing tight black trousers and a red top. I had a hard on the whole time in class. Class ended and it was time to go home. She told me to stay so she could do my german oral test with me. She went into her storeroom to get the questions. I went behind her and reached up. My cock was pushing against assbut she didnt notice. I sat down and she asked me the quesion. I answered them all. She dropped the sheets and bent down to get them. Her ass was sticking in my face I was soo tempted to grab and squeeze it. She sat back down and noticed my hard on. she kept staring at it. I took my chance and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back and stuck her tongue down my throat. I grabbed her breast and squeezed it. She said that we cant tell anyone about us because it is wrong and I am about 30 years older than you. I said ok. She took me into the store room, locked the door and turned the lights off. She took my top off while kissing me. I took off her top and opened her bra. I caressed her nice big breasts and she moaned. I sucked her nipples. She took my trousers off and put her mouth round my 6 inch cock. She went up and down. I cummed and she swallowed it all. She stood up lowered her trousers leaving her black thong. I pulled it off and put her on a table. I licked and sucked her wet pussy she was moaning in pleasure. She said for me to fuck her. I got on top of her and stuck my cock in her. I pumped faster and faster. She was shouting give it to me harder harder. I cummed in her. I got off her and kissed her. She bent over and said fuck me up the ass. She bent over and I stuck my cock in her ass and pumped faster and faster. She was screaming thats good. I pulled out of her and we got dressed again. I had another hardon so she quickly sucked it off. We fucked more after. We got caught once by another teacher. I have even got her pregant and she has had my baby. Her husband thinks its his but she knows its mine. I still go and fuck her everyday and she loves it. She has wore many sexy thing for me. She has even done a stripdance for me.

My horny teacher

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