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My Friend's Hot Mom

Sex = Male
Where it happened = my house
Language = English
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out of all her son's friends I was her fav she didn't look like or dressed like a mom she always wore a short liftable skirt and nude sheer to the waist pantyhose never wore panties and she didn't care that I saw under her skirt. one day I called her to come over my house and park in the garage and close the door on her way in the house because the garage was attached to the house. She asked me what did I want her for? I told her I wanted to try some stuff on her to see if a girl would like it. She said ok because I always make her feel sexy. I told her I want to see under her skirt and she lifted it for me and I took one of her foot and pulled out my dick and rubbed it on her foot. She told me that felt so good. Then I asked if I could do that to her ass and she was bent over and the back of her skirt was up. I pushed my dick against her nude sheer to the waist pantyhosed covered bare bald pussy. She was so wet that my dick ripped a hole in her pantyhose and I was all the way in her I pumped like there was no tomorrow and I cummed. Time went by and she was pregnent when the baby came he looked just like me .My friend didn't get mad about me getting his mom pregnant infact he wants to watch me and her while she wears the outfits she wears. I told him I wanted to blindfold her and tie up her hands to see if she could tell who was dick rubbing what foot and he said that sounds like fun

My Friend's Hot Mom

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