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Sex = Male
Where it happened = airport
Language = english...
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hi..there my name is 21 now...this is about my first tme sex it with my girlfriend..her name is fira..i love her very much..the story begin...when i and her were sitting at the bench..inside the airport..we are waiting for our flight ...the flight will depature at 6 0'clock in the next we decide to stay at the airport to wait..the clock show 11pm..all the lamp were switch off..that time we just sitting and have some is very cool nite,..even the aircond were switched off already...we both..don'y want to sleep until the morning..she la on the bench..and her head on my laps...we chatting...whole day nite..but suddenly..i see her is so big,..i wan to touch it...then ...i try to find a way how i can touch her big..boobs...i begun to kiss her chin...then i kiss ..her makes me turn on..she also like it..i kiss her...then suck her hand start to rub her is so smooth..ithen i put my hand inside..her dress..she realy like it...i rub her..breast..i rub her nipple also...her breast begin to hard and hard and i'm not stop to do mouth..still sucking her tounge..i heard her voice,,..she groaning..she also were turn on..already..then i suck her nipple..she realy2 turn on..i move my hand to her jeans..put it inside her jeans..i almost near to her..pussy..i start to rub..near the area of her pussy..she realy i put my hand inside her underwear..i rub her begin to wet..o rub her clit also..she realy i deep my finger inside..her pussy..her pussy..were loaded with..her juice..she ask me to put my rubbing..again..and..again her pussy..i suck her nipple..she realy groannss..very hardly..she make a really big noise...she..cumming..her underwear were wet with..all of her juices..i lick my finger..that were surrounding with her tastes juices...then she go to sleep ,..i saw her..she feel very tired..then i later after an hour she ask me to that again..its make me turn on...again..she rub my hard cock..and i rub her pussy..and her,,nipple..we do that until...morning..fortunately..there were no one they and her..that is my first tme story...after that incident ...we always do that..sometimes we stay out at hotel...we make an oral sex...and we do the 69..position..she suck my..cock..then i lick her pussy..and her clit..she very finally...we making love...fira..u r girlfriend i have,,.i love u so much...that is my story..until now..we still make it together if we have a free time..until now...


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