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My sister...

Sex = Male
Where it happened = My house
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Ok, so i came home one day, and my parents are out. My sister was about somewhere. I went upstairs to go take a piss, and there she is in the shower. I thought shit, and turned out and went off to use my parents en-suite. Jennie got out of the shower and dried off a bit. She then came into my room a little later on. i was doing homework she told me that she saw me when i came into the bathroom. She immediatley took off her top and started to walk towards me. I got a little freaked out. My little sister was actually contemplating being fucked by me. I decided that if i didnt tell anyone it wouldnt be wrong. so i felt her up and got her down to her leapord skin thong, which i pulled off with my teeth. She opened her lips and told me to put it in her. I could still see her hymen and i knew it would hurt her so i rubbed my cock on her lips to get her warmed up and wet. I thrusted it in really hard and she let out a laugh and a tear at the same time. We fucked for about 10 mins and then i came inside her. She got pregnant and didnt keep it. After that she said she didnt want to fuck ever again but i always go to her room while shes sleeping and fuck her so she doesnt expect it.

My sister...

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