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Fucking At The Fair

Sex = Male
Where it happened = County Fair
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This happed 40 years ago, but I still remember it as vividly today as the day it happened. My girlfriend, Jody, and I had been dating for probably a couple of years. We went to the same school.And although you probably don't believe it, we thought about sex as much in those days as teenagers do today. In September, 1968, Jody and I went to the County Fair together. We went in the early evening. We first took in the Midway, with its Ferris Wheel, and other rides,had some french fries and cotton candy, and visited a few of the sideshows -- the usual stuff you find at County Fairs. After that we looked around in some of the commercial buildings, with their booths and merchandise, and from there we wondered off to look at some of the livestock and farm animals. It was getting towards dark when we arrived in the area of the horse barns and looked over some of the beautiful horses in their stalls. As we went through this one barn, we noticed that a couple of the stalls were empty, and I told Jody this was our perfect opportunity to make out. Nobody seemed to be around at the time, and so we opened this one stall and went in. There was lots of hay on the ground, amd so we laid down and started making out. One thing led to another, and we got kind of carried away with ourselves, and before we knew it,we had our clothes off, rolling around in the hay. It felt good. Then I remembered that in my wallet I had a condom (we just called them rubbers in those days), that I had been saving for some time, just in case I ever got lucky, and so I asked Jody if she would "do it" with me. When she found out I had a rubber, she said O.K., and so I fished my wallet out of my jeans, and found the rubber and opened it up. I had her help me roll it on, because I was kind of nervous. I'd never done anything like this before. We finally got it on my boner and she rolled over on her back, and I started probing around with my penis until I got into her vagina. It was a little awkward at first, and she kept telling me it hurt. But, we kept going, because we did so want to do it, and finally, I heard a slight yell from Jody, and she said I had broken through her barrier, and after that, things just sort of came naturally. After a few minutes it really began to feel good, and she told me she liked it, too. I guess I had a couple of nice orgasms, and Jody did too, and we were going at it quite intensely when, all of a sudden, we heard the stall door open, and here was a guy with a horse standing there! Well, he could not believe his eyes, and we were embarrased to tears. We quickly stopped what we were doing, and scrambled to get into our clothes again. The guy told us to get out of there before he reported us to the agricultural society that ran the fair. And we sure did. After we got back to the midway, Jody told me that she really liked having sex. It was the first time for both of us. We went on a few more rides that evening before going home, and as I dropped her off at her house that evening, we embraced and kissed each other madly in the car, while I squeezed her boobs. We promised each other that we'd do it again sometime -- and we did. But not too often. It was hard for high school guys to buy rubbers in those days -- not like today where they're on display in ever Walmart, K-Mart and drug store. You usually had toknow an older guy who had a friend who worked in the store to get them for you. Jody and I are happily married today and have 4 nice kids, and we often laugh about our first fuck out at the county fair in the horse barn. We never asked, but we hope that our kids' first experience was in a much nicer place.But our was good!!! And she is still damn good in bed!

Fucking At The Fair

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