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Della, My First Pussy

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Della's bed
Language = English
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I was sent overseas when I was 21 and I was a virgin. As horny as I was, I still wanted my first to be something special with a special girl that I had feeling for so I avoided the going to town and paying a prostitute bargirl to "take my cherry" as bad as I was dying to get into a pussy. I ended up meeting this native (Filipino) girl who worked on the base and we started seeing each other. Several weeks went by and we ended up in her little apartment there off the base. She took me there to cook for me. On my second visit to her apartment, we ended up laying in her bed kissing. Goes without saying this made me very aroused and I had a ragging erection in my pants. After kissing very deeply I felt Della's hand go down my belly. I was laying on my back with her on her side besides me. Her hand ended up on top my cock rubbing on it through my pants. I quickly undid my pants. I was dying to have a girl finally see and touch it. I pushed my pants and shorts down and kicked them off. Della was wearing a full skirt and she raised it up and took off her panties. I then got between her wonderful soft thighs and Della reached down and lined my cock up with the entrance of her pussy. I slid into a pussy for the first time. I wasn't wearing a condom and I didn't last but a few seconds. It had been months since I'd last unloaded living in an open bay barracks. So, on my first time in a girl's pussy, I ended up filling it with a big load of cum. I can't discribe how good it felt shooting off inside a pussy that first time. I then had to get back to base but the next day, just by chance, we had the weekend off and I got a weekend pass. You talk about a pussy full of cum! It went on off and on all that night! I and Della couldn't get enough. Della literally had cum running out of her pussy when she got up that next morning. This was how my first time went and it is something I'll always remember. And, Della was sure the perfect first time recipient for me. She had a wonderful very arousing body that felt so good and then there was her pussy! Some of the best I've ever had.

Della, My First Pussy

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