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girl on girl

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Friends House
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okay so the other day, i was at my friends house (lets just call her ashley). me and ashley used to fool around when we were little, idk just for the hell of it & experience. so anyways we hadnt kissed or anything for like 3 years and we were lying in bed and i was soo horny so i was like "im gonna take off my bra really fast i dont like to sleep in it" so i took off my shirt and took off my bra. she did the same. then i said "lets play truth or dare" and she said okay. so she told me to go do something wih her brother and i was like nooooo. so then she told me to put my phone on vibrate and hold it on my pussy while she called it. omg it felt so good i was sooooo horny by then. and then i made her do the same. things started getting sexual from there we were both topless and i dared her to kiss me and she did and we started making out and fondling eachothers tits. she has HUGE tits mine are average sized. i put my hand down her pants and she did the same and we started rubbing eachothers pussies mmm it felt amazing. we both got naked and she started kissing my body all the way down to my pussy and she started eating me out. holy shit that felt amazing i started moaning and shaking and i was like "ooommmgggg ashleeyyyy oh god that feels so good oh yeah mmmmmm" and i came in her face and she licked it all up. so i decided to return the favor and her pussy tasted liek shit so i didnt keep it up for too long. she wanted to 69 so she got on top of me. instead of licking her pussy cuz i didnt like the taste i started pounding my fingers into her pussy and she came all over them as i came again in her mouth. thanks ashley! p.s. im straight i was just horny i like guys :]

girl on girl

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