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first blowjob

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my fist blowjob. i started dating this girl i was 15 she was 17. ive never done anything with a girl b4 . we dated for a week.she asked if i wanted to hangout that night i agreed. i came over her parents were out and we had the house to ourselves we were watchin the tv like usual and she leaned over n kissed me i immediatley kissed her back.i instantly started getting a boner. she knew this and put her hand over my hard dick. this felt great since its the first time a girl touched my dick.we continued making out and she undid the button on my jeans. she then unzipped my zipper and slid my pants down. i was in heaven. she started playing with my wang threw my boxers. she then took my dick outa my boxers and started to jerk me off.i leaned back and relaxed. out of nowhere i felt warmth on the tip of my dick. ive never felt this b4. i look up and she starts liking my dick. she then wrapped her lips around my dick and started to blow me. this happent for a few minutes until i felt myself about to cum. i didnt know whhat to do. i just sat back n relaxed. i held her head over my penis so my dick was down her throat and came in her mouth. she swallowed and asked how it was. pure heaven

first blowjob

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