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with soap and all

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great website!!! here is my true story. my first was with a terrific girl. i was 15 then and a late bloomer. there was this girl from my class who i saw in showers. while rest of us were shy and took private shower, she would shower in the open stall. she had great tits that all girls were jealous of. i remember seeing her in soap all over and her nipples sticking out prominently. me and my friends giggled quietly and left. i saw her again next class, same routine. this time i went into a private shower across so i could see her. i took off my clothes and rubbed myself. it was pity i had nothing much to show for tits. she must have seen me going into my stall. she and i were only ones left. she came over and asked if i minded soaping her back. i was trembling but obliged. i was just so in awe of her body--i worshiped her. i put soap on her back, she moaned and opened her buttocks. it was my cue to reach in. so from behind i soaped her butt and moved to pussy. she then turned around and kissed me. she said i had a great body and started soaping me. and soon her fingers were in my pussy. then she stuck her two fingers way deeper than i could ever get. i was huffing and puffing and orgasming all over. the warm smooth feel of her body embracing mine was too much for me. i have since been mostly with boys, but girls know how to treat girls. my college dorm roommate and i sometimes snuggle in nude, mostly to comfort each other. but we do end up pleasuring each other in the morning.

with soap and all

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