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Blow-job with Bob

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Living Room of our house
Language = English
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My Mother was married when she was 18 and had me when she was 19. When I was 8 years old, my Dad left us for amuch younger woman, and after the divorce my Mother and I lived by ourselves for several years. She was an elementary school teacher, teaching 7th and 8th graders When she was 36, she met and married this younger guy, Bob. He was only 32. My Mother and I went and lived with him in his house after that. He was an architect, and worked a lot at home From the time my Mom first introduced him to me, I thought Bob was a living doll. Nearly 6 feet tall, dark-haired, handsome face,trim body -- maybe 160 pounds at most. Often I thought to myself how lucky my Mom was to have such a guy in her bed every night. Although my bedroom was down the hall from theirs, there were many times I could hear them making out, and I longed for the day when I could have the same kind of pleasure. I had dated a few guys in high school, but even by my senior year I wasn't going steady with anyone. My sexual experience had been limited to some heavy petting in guys cars and in movie theaters. I was well built and guys were always trying to get into my pants, but they never succeeded in getting me togo all the way. Still, I wondered what sex with a real nice guy would be like. I read a lot about sex -- mostly on the internet, so I knew what things turned guys on. As I said, my Mother taught school, and after school she had a lot of other things that she was involved in, so she usually didn't get home untilaround 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. I usually got home a little after 3:00 P.M. and Bob was always there, working at his desk, designing things. Bob was usually dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt. And I knew he rarely wore any underwear -- because a couple of times I had gone by their bedroom and seen him with the door slightly open,getting dressed. I had also seen him, although he didn't know it, shaving at the bathroom sink with nothing on, and then later, slipping into his jeans. Bob was well hung.The two or three times I had seen it,without his knowledge of course, his non-erect penis, between his legs must have been at least 6 inches long, just hanging there, and I often wondered what it would extend to when it was fully erect. I had also heard about blow-jobs from a couple of my girl friends at school who were dating two basketball players, and they told me what incredible sensations they had deep-throating their boyfriends. It sounded to me like I was missing a lot. One day last Spring I came home from school and Bob was sitting in his chair by his desk, just sort of leaning back, and I asked him right out, "Bob, do you like blow-jobs?" He was startled by my bold question, and asked me why I would ask him such a thing. I told him, "Because I think I'd like to give you one right now!" He was even more startled than ever when I said that, and told me I'd better cool off and go outside for a walk. But, with that, I took off my sweater and bra and stood there in front of him, bare-breasted, and I said, "Do you like these?" I had firm breasts and my nipples were hard, and I could see his manhood rise beneath his jeans almost instantly. He said, "Karen, what in the world are you doing? You know this isn't right." I asked him why he thought it was wrong -- because he was a man and I was a woman , and I wanted him, and I thought he wanted me. And then I knelt down in front of his chair and began to unbutton his jeans. To my surprise, he didn't stop me. His very erect manyhood came out, from this beautiful patch of black hair, and stood straight at attention. It must have been 8 inches or 9 inches in length, with this beautifully shaped hard triangular-shaoped head. I lowered his jeans completely and laid them aside, and began to kiss and fondle his penis wity my teenage fervor. I had never done this before, but by pure instinct, it seemed to come naturally. Bob began to moan as I stroked and stroked his penis and kept placing it, inch by inch into my mouth. "Oh, God, Karen, that is so-o-o good!" he said. I decided I would see if I could take is entire erection into my throat, like my girlfriends had told me about and I began sliding it further and furtherdown. That wonderful flesh sliding up and down my esophegus felt wonderful, and before long,it felt like Bob was injecting his semen straight down into my stomach!There was thrust after thrust,and every time he came in my mouth and throat I was in absolute heaven! Bob kept moaning and finally screaming, and I could tell he was in absolute ecstacy too. It made me feel so good that I was making him feel so good. Well, it probably lasted for a half hour or 45 minutes before we were through, and Bob thanked me for what he said was the best blow-job he ever had in his life. Since by this time, Bob was thoroughly stimulated, I took off my skirt and pants,Bob got a condom, and we fucked right there on the living room couch. He was absolutely great, and came several more times. I also climaxed a couple of times before I fell exhausted onto his naked body. Since that afternoon, Bob has never fucked me again, but he loves my blow-jobs, which I have given him at least a dozen times. I don't think Mom likes to give blow-jobs, so now he can get his straight sex from her, and deep throats from me. He has the best of both worlds.

Blow-job with Bob

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