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i was 15 that time ..... it was school holiday ... i stay with my aunty house ...she not yet married ....she have a good body and a nice boob ... the first night i stay with her , i were just thinking how to fuck her ... and a while later my dick get harder and touch her ass.... i cant control my self and i went to toilet and masturbate ...the second night was ... i make my self brave and touches her boobs...she was sleeping ...i opened my dress and go beside her ... she turn towards me and ask to sleep faster ...i were not wearing anything was adrk ...then i again makes my self brave and hold my dick and touch her ...her were awake ...she hold my dick ...she told me that i cant do this to her ....but i told her that i love her very much ...even i want to fuck her ...she told me that i as too younng...i then show my 12cm dick to her and tell her that i have a long dick that waiting for u ....the moment she smile at me ...i straight kiss her and press her boobs ...she were kissing me too.. i quickly open her shirt and her bra and strated to lick her niples...she told me to insert my dick inside her pussy ....i were amazing after hear that ...i hold my 12cm dick and enter into her pussy ....she were impressed with me ...the last moment she told me to cum on her ....i cum on her breast ...she were happy ..


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