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Substitute pussy

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Writing about that first night that I "discovered" my wife's "substitute pussy" so that other readers might want to try it. Believe me, it was and IS sure good! It was on one of those nights that I was wanting to have sex with my wife but she wasn't in the mood. I'm sure lots of you guys are familiar with this. She was laying on her side facing away from me. I was laying behind her running my hands over her body really getting good and aroused. I then moved close behind her sticking my hard cock against where her legs came together. She felt it and raised her left leg up a little. I then laid my cock on her right inner thigh and she came down with her left leg enclosing my cock. I was then in between that area that is the softest place on a woman's body. Between her thighs just below her pussy. I worked my cock a little and told my wife how good it felt there and ask her if she would put some of our jel there to lubricate it. She got the tube and lubed it up there and I again got in position and she again surrounded my cock there. I then went to working my cock in and out just like I was in a pussy. Before long I was making my familiar sounds that I make when I can feel my orgasm building up in me. It had been several days since we'd last had sex and I was well "charged". When it hit, I pushed in all the way just like I do when I'm in her pussy and started shooting my cum. When I was finished we got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When we got back to the bed my wife looked down complaining about all the globs of cum on her side of the bed. "How am I suppose to sleep in that?" she ask. I told her I was sorry but that it was sure good and felt almost as good as being in her pussy. She got a towel and laid it there and then laid down. Lesson learned the next time we "did it" this way was to lay a towel down on her side first. Then when I "shot" the cum landed on the towel where it could easily be picked up and put in the dirty clothes and my wife would have a nice dry place to sleep. I know no woman would want to lay down in a bunch of cold wet cum. Anyway; try it. I've called this my "substitute pussy" ever since we discovered this way to "do it".

Substitute pussy

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