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My first time... with another guy

Sex = Male
Where it happened = His Apartment
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Well... I was away at school and in a good stste of denial about my sexuality. I was engaged to a girl I knew in high school and I knew deep down inside it didn't feel right and every moment was awkward. It was a few weeks before graduation when I finally had the balls to try what I had been avoiding all along. I met up with a guy I chatted with over the internet for some time and everything clicked... every feeling and emotion I had faked with a girl was suddenly real and more than I ever expected. IT was amazing to actually feel desire and lust. We touched eachother everywhere and couldn't get enough of eachother. The night seemed to last forever and it made me realize what I was missing in my life. I knew that from that moment on I had to be honest with myself about who I am. The sex itself was amazing, probably because it was genuninely what I desired. Even more, the emotion was incredible. I finally felt complete within myself. That's what it did for me. It made me realize what was in my heart.

My first time... with another guy

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