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Family Sex

Sex = Male
Where it happened = my frends house
Language = english
Refnum = 41610
i was wanking of at with my frend at his house when we heard a moaning we left his room and heard the noise was coming from his parents room. when we opened the door we were in shock. there his parents where, fucking lik there was no 2morow. his mom was on all four on the bed an his dad behind thrusting with his lik 9 inch dick. when they noticed that we where standin there, his mom just said "rnt u suppose 2 be at soccer?" we where lik, not today. well anyways, his mom asked if we wanted 2 wank of whille whacthin them, mabe it would get us excited she said. so we took of our cloths an started 2 wank of. five minutes later his sister who was 1 year younger than us came in. her mom asked her if she wanted 2 join us, an shes lik what should i do. then her dad was lik mabe john (me) could fuck u. so i was lik ok! so she started 2 give me a bj. it was soo gud an i cumed in her mouth. then i entered her in doggy style on the floor. by now my frend was complaining that he couldnt fuck any1. but soon afterwards my parents and sister came 2 pick me up. when they got in to the room they saw us fucking, so my parents where lik, mabe we should join, it was quite long since last time. so they also started fuckin on the bed. an then my frend started fucking my sister. we keept on fuckiing 4 the whole afternoon, an the night. we still have "fuck parties"as we call them. now im 16, when it happened the first time i was 14.

Family Sex

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