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Oldest virgin ever

Sex = Female
Where it happened = my bed
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I waited FOREVER to do it, mainly because college guys skeezed me out completely and because my mother instituted a good deal of self loathing in me so while I dated alot and sucked many o'cock, I was basically a tease. So finally I went out, after much drama, for one of my best friend's 21st bdays, I met a guy. A big, sexy brawny dark skinned luvah. We pursued each other. I held out for a good month :) I went out for another friend's birthday, came home hammered, he came over and we ended up doing it. It was acually quite fun and all I could think was " SHIT I shoulda done this YEARS ago!!!!!!" I'm still picky, but quite kinky, thanks to the man who taught me that trust knows no kinky bounds.

Oldest virgin ever

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