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Angie - Gives Handjob

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I was 16 and had my boyfriend over. He too was 16. I had a computer in my room and my boyfriend turned it on. After a few minutes I went over to him to see what he was doing. When I looked at the monitor, I was shocked! He was in a website that had these pictures of these women giving men hand jobs. They were both naked and the men's penises were all hard and big. He'd click on pictures and they'd come on filling the screen. I ask Mike "What are you looking at"? He just smiled at me and said "Guys getting handjobs". I couldn't believe this. I'd never seen anything like this before. Then, he clicked on a picture and made it real big and on it I could see this long string of stuff shooting way up in the air. I ask Mike "That's his sperm? Does it come out like that"? Mike said "Yes". I said "I don't believe it". Mike said "It really does. Here, look" as he brought up another picture of a guy shooting his sperm and it hitting the woman's hair. Mike kept looking at the pictures. He then said "Do you believe me now"? I said "I guess so". Then mike said "I can prove it to you if you want". This was beginning to sound exciting. I ask him "How"? Mike said "We can do it just like on the computer". I said "I don't know if we should". Mike said "Come on. Please". I could tell he really wanted to and I actually wanted to also so I said "OK". Mike got out of the internet and went over to my bed. He said "Let's do it just like we were looking at on the computer". It felt so weird. I was about to actually see a boy's penis. Mike took off his pants and said "You ready to see it"? I said "OK' and he took off his shorts showing me his penis. He was already hard. He laid back on the bed on his back with his penis sticking up. He said "Get some creme of some kind and put some on your hand". I got some hand creme and covered my hand with it. I sat on the bed by Mike and nervously put my hand on his penis. It felt so hard in my hand. I then went to moving my hand over it and Mike made some sounds. I could see it really make him feel good. Mike said "Go a little faster" and I did. Then, he started pushing his hips up meeting my hand and he started saying "Oh Angie. Oh Angie. Ahhh, Ahhhh" and he shut his eyes and then he held his hips up and it happened. I watched as the sperm squirted up in the air landing on his shirt and then another and another. He took my arm to stop me from stroking anymore and finally his sperm was just easing out of his penis and down my hand. It felt so warm. Mike then relaxed on the bed and was breathing heavy getting his breath back. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my hands of the creme and Mike's cum. I brought back a wash cloth to clean Mike off. I ran my finger through his cum feeling it. I told Mike "So this is what makes babies". Mike said "That's it". From this time on I was giving mike hand jobs as well as all my boyfriends since. And, I was also getting boys to do the same to me by fingering my pussy. I sure learned a lot that day.

Angie - Gives Handjob

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