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baby ku

Sex = Female
Where it happened = at his place
Language = eng/malay
Refnum = 40910
this happened a few days ago on our 7th year anniversary together..we're getting married soon...anyway...i was at his place and no one was home..i was lying down on the sofa watching tv when he came and hug me..i accidentaly rubbed his dick with my hand..ape lagi..member pun stim..i rase konek dier keras troz i rabe..dier pun ramas2 tetek i...i tarik sluar boxer dier and i genggam konek dier dlm tgn i..i gave him a nice rub..then i suck his dick..after awhile..he removed my clothes one by one smpai i bogel..troz dier pegang pepek i..dier jilat pepek i then masukkan 2 jari...i moaned softly..dier main i dgn 2 jari...then dier bwk i masok bilik...dier cmpk i atas katil..dier ikat tgn i kt katil then dier jilat pepek i..i dah basah gila..i suruh dier masukkan konek dier..dier pun masukkan konek dier..lps tu dier henjut..i rase darah kluar..tpi sedap..i jerit "fuck me harder baby!!". i could feel his balls banging my pussy.lps tu..i ddk atas dier..i henjut kuat2..i screamed coz i came...then i continued fucking him...he came inside me..we continued for another 4 hours...and he came about 14 was great sex!!love him more now that i know he's a good banger.

baby ku

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