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14yr whore chokes

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i was 16 yr old and just started to hang aroung with girls i hanged around with a girl who lived up the street from me called jody (not her real name jody was about 5.3 and had a great body quite small breasts but her arse made up for that she had long brown hair was in my class also.i would always stair at her and flirt with her in class even thoug she was out of league she had a stepsister she was knowhhere near as good looking as jody but jess jody's sister was such a whore she was also my age she was quite chubby but had a massive pair of tits anyway long story jody's parent broke up and jess stayed with her dad and lived aroung my house still and jody moved to a diffrent town but i still saw her at school.anyway i started to see jess alot more and started hanging around with her and mi other mate ricky jess once told me fancied ricky i told him he should not go out withher, but get a blojob off her becuase we all knew she was a whore anyway he agreed because he is kinda thick anyway i decieded to check it out we were in an old factory so ricky and jesse were hiding all i could see was him getting what looked like good head so i walked up them and said that looks nice just having a joke ricky put his dick away and jesse said ahh poor baby you feeling horny, i didnt realy fancy jesse but god i was horny i just sed no not realy ricky just walked off and started walking around the factory.she then walked up to me and started talking dirty saying what i could do with you i thought god what a whore shes just been sucking off my mate now shes after me ,i just said naah im ok so she started unbuttonning my jeans by the way i do not have giant dick but its good enough,but after she unbuttond me she jus stroked the outside of the jeans she new i was hard as hell.i never realy been rubbed up so i thought what the and started snoging she just completely undid my pants starting licking my bellend she then started sucking i thought great my first blojob i pushed her down straight to the balls choking her it kinda turned me on after five min she pulled up my pants and said bye i did not even get to cum.

heres alittle info about jesse shes acomplete whore will suck off anyone she will let you shag her and does not like cum well heres the rest of the story.

the next day jesse called for me and i let her in . i had just been in the shower and was in nowt just boxers it was so hard not to get a hard on especialy with her in her short skirt she kept opening her legs knowing i was looking.she then looked me in the eyes just to get me hard then she stroked my dick i became hard in a flash . i just said to her i know you can get me hard but once you suck me off i have to wank to cum and i cant be arced being an idiot she bought it just said maybe you can give an orgasm she no because you know i hate cum ,once she told she sucked a lad and he came in eye or summet.anyway i said i was watching porno the other night and it talked about a game that couple can do i just made the game up so i could get some action i told her one person lies on the naked for ten minutes and has sexual things done to them and if they give up in under ten min the other person gets to do three things to them.both the people have to lie on the bed for 10 min but who survives the longest wins.

i wnet first lied on the bed butt naked jesse started to think of way to make me quit shebent over and told me to lick her arcehole for 5min so i did she loved it after that she made melick her out and by the time that was over it was my turn.

i lay jesse on the bed and told her to lie her head off the bed i put my rock hard dick down her throat knowing she would hate it she just kept gagging she gae up after two min i had won now i was realy gonna have some fun.

being quite a dirty bastard i bent het over and spat on her arsehole and put my dick up her arce jesus she nearly cried saying things like "im not ready" she kept screaming but i did not mind i just started riding her after abbout ten minutes she was covered in sweat then asked for a good blojob she agreeg i shoved to the bottom o my cock and gagged her eyes maked was all down her face then i said here come the cum i i forced her right down to the bottom of my peines and cam e down her throatshe just sat on mi fall i just made her lick the cum off the end of my dick

14yr whore chokes

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