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Bloody fuck

Sex = Male
Where it happened = gwar concert
Language = English
Refnum = 454
well, as you know i am 15, and a huge gwar fan, during the concert
there was a girl, she was about 16 or 17. she seemed to look at me, just staring at me, i went up to her
and started kissing. she quickly hiked up her skirt and unzipped my pants. we started going at it right at the
show in the middle of the mosh pit, everyone stopped moshing and formed a circle around us, the lead singer oderus urungus saw us and said
'look they're fucking why cant all of you do that!' and with that they started another song. during this song the lead singer batteled these aliens by cumming on them
i was still going at it and going at it. just fucking hard. she cried out in plesureand i came inside her. we got up, and i zipped up, and the lead singer said 'Look, they finnaly finished! ok come up here!' then we were fed to the world maggot, a huge latex paper mache maggot with teeth

Bloody fuck

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