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home run

Sex = Female
Where it happened = wrigley field
Language = English
Refnum = 411
We were in the upper deck at the baseball game.
It was cold so we had a blanket. My friend, Nick, whom I met
right before the game, started to make some moves. There was
hardly anyone in the stands. Anyway, Nick put his hand down
my jeans and kissing me on my neck and mouth.
Eventually I ducked down under the blanket and gave him some
pleasure. (I wasn't new at doing that)
I then pulled off my jeans, under the blanker of course,
and climbed on top of him. Right before we were both about to
climax, an usher discovered us. Needless to say, we were thrown
out of the park.

I was a little sore after that. But to this day I get a thrill out of
out doing it in public places.

home run

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