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Group Sex

Sex = Male
Where it happened = At a party
Language = English
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When I was 14, I had a friend Ted (14) who was a real schemer.
We both knew this girl Kathy (15) who had rich parents. They
bought her a new Cadillac and let her drive it even though
she wasn't old enough for a license. They also gave her
a hundred bucks a week for an allowance - which was a lot
of money in those days. Anyway, Ted talked her into renting
a dumpy little trailer in a trailer park. He had another of
his friends to sign the lease (you had to be 18 to sign).

Anyway, we had a housewarming party for our new party shack.
There was beer, pot, and an assortment of pharmacuticals for
public consumption - about 10 people showed up.

It seemed that after a short while everybody got up and went
out for a beer run. There was just four of us left. Kathy,
myself, Kathy's girl friend and an older boy (16) who was
a friend of Ted's.

Kathy was pretty wasted at this point and all of a sudden
blurted out - "Lets have an orgy." I was amazed at this
statement and looked over at the other guy - he seemed surprised
himself. Anyway, the focus seemed to be on me and I couldn't
say no because I thought it would ruin my rep with my friends.

I agreed to it and at that point the other guy had to agree
to - for the same reasons I did. Well, we went into the back
bedroom and it was a real awkward situation. So - I decided
to break the ice by getting undressed first. Kathy followed
- then the other two. Kathy and I got on the bed and started
making out. Then, the other couple got into bed and started too.

I licked Kathy's pussy then put it in. It didn't feel as good as
I had imagined it would - but I kept at it. At the same
time I was keeping an eye on the other couple. He didn't take
long to cum but he kept fucking her. It took me longer - by
then he had cum twice.

We rested for a few minutes and then switched partners. This
other girl (I can't remember her name) was a lot tighter than Kathy
and was a much better fuck (maybe why the other guy didn't
take so long).

Anyway, after we were all done, we got dressed and re-joined
the party. It was kind of funny - when we came out, everybody
was smiling and laughing, some even applauded,

The next day at school, Kathy's boyfriend Tommy approached
me and asked me if I had a good time the night before. I told
that I had, and he just smiled and walked away. I sometimes
wonder if this had been a setup from the start. It was
fun at any rate, and I was glad to have gotten past that
awkward virginity thing.

Unfortunately, our little party shack became too rowdy over
time and the manager (faced with numerous complaints over
several months) had to cancel the lease.

I know that this sounds contrived, but its another example
of how truth can be stranger than fiction.


Fine - do that if it feels right for you. But on the other
hand, don't get all self-rightous and pretend that you're
better than those who don't, and that those who don't are
going to suffer for it. How naive and absurd.

When your "perfect" marriage goes down the tubes (and the
stats say it's a 50-50 chance it will), you'll be sorry you
turned down all those opportunities for sex when you were
younger (and better looking, and slimmer, and more fun to
be with).

I relish every experience I've had and often think back on each
one with that warm feeling of love and pleasure.

C'ya -


Group Sex

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