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bisexual teens

Sex = Female
Where it happened = at her house
Language = Englesh
Refnum = 39995
One time i stayed the night with one of my friends and we were acting like we were lesbians to try to turn on my frinds cousin. He is so hott. Right in front of him we started making out and then started fingering each other. It turned him on and he wanted in even though she was his cousin, he didnt do anything with her though. He pulled down his pants ant put his cock into my pussy and i ate her out why she played with my breast. He was giving it to me hard, but it felt so good. Then her cousin had to leave and he made sure to put sperm into me befor he left. When he left we still was going and we liked it. Well three weeks laters i found out i was pregenet and her cousin still comes by and takes care of his twins, and on the days they are asleep we fuck until they wake up!!!!

bisexual teens

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