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i was at my friends house one day when we heard a girl moaning in the next room. My friend, Joe, and i went to see what was going on. The moaning was comming fromhis sister, Jill's, room. When we opened the door we saw her on the bed with legs spread and her hands playing with her pussy. What are you doing, we asked. I'm pleasuring my pussy, what to help me, she asked? We entered her room and closed the door behind us. Come on over to the bed, she cooed, and i'll let you lick my pussy. We went over as she asked and kneeled down by the side of the bed. Put your mouth where my fingers are, she begged. I was the first to lick her beautiful pussy, oving my tongue all over her pussy lips and between them. She tasted so sweet and juicy. I moved away and let Joe take his turn and he repeated what i had done to her. Jill was squirming and screaming for joy. Suddenly her whole body shook and she moaned loudly as she came against Joe's face. After she cooled down, i put my mouth on her pussy and started licking and sucking agian. After a few moments, Jill stiffened and shuddered and came in my mouth as she screamed, you guys are the most, let me please you now.
Jill got up from the bed and kneeled down in front of us. Joe and I had raging hardons in our pants. Jill loosened our belts, unzipper our flys and pulled out pants down to our ankles. You guys have really nice pricks and I'll bet they taste nice, Jill cooed. She came over to me first, grabbed my swollen cock in her hands and guided it to her mouth. Her tongue darted out and licked the drops of clear liquid off my cock, it really feels good, I moaned. The shen put her lips around my cockhead and licked all around it with her warm tongue. It felt much better. She craddled my balls in one hand and stroked the shaft of my boner with the other as her mouth worked wonders on my manhood. The preasureable feeling continued to feel better and better as she worked me over with her hands and mouth. Then it happened, I stiffened, groaned and shop load after load of my jizm into her mouth. Jill gulped and swallowed it all down her throat and licked the excess off the head of my sensitive cock. The feeling of pleasure was incredible. Jill then said, come over her, brother, Joe, and litele sister will pay you back. She repeated what she had done to me until her brother shot spurt after spurt of his jizm into her mouth. You guys are a lot of fun. Let's get together again sometime for more of the same. Our introduction to oral sex with this sexy girl was the beginning of many weeks of pleasureable encounters with her. Oh joy!

pussy licker

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