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Sex = Female
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Language = English
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I had been going out with him for a week, and i had this huge urge to have sex with him i don't know why i just did, and one night he asked me to come over to his house but ofcourse my parents were like no! but i was aloud to stay over for an hour or so. So we got to his house and after saying hi to his parents and brothers we went up to his room and we talked about random things then we started making out and i dragged him onto the bed, i wasn't sure if he had already done it, i hadn't. so i began to kiss him harder and he began to feel me up and he took my shirt off and i slid his off, too make things easier i didnt wear a bra, before we went any further he whispered gently into my ear "Are you sure you want to do this?" and i kissed him then pulled his pants off we were so close i couldn't see anything but i felt the huge bulge coming from his boxers i slid them off and he ripped off my thong, i gave him a rubber and he put it on, he did me, over and over till he noticed i was climaxing and he did me even harder and i was getting dizzy he kissed me forever on my neck and then we just layed there in each others arms till my mom arrived to take me home, i'll never forget him even if he didn't mean the world to me because no matter what that night was the hottest i have ever had.


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