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First Time With a MILF

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I was twenty years old and home from college for the weekend. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was home alone. I made lunch and was just going to sit down when the door rang. It was my friend’s mom Sheila dropping off a book that my mom had let her borrow.
Growing up she was the mom every teenage boy wanted to have sex with. She was in her early thirties with two kids. She had a great body with dips and curves. She had average sized breasts and the finest ass.
So, I answered the door and there she was. She was wearing a tank top that revealed a lot of cleavage, sweat pants, and some flip flops. So she gave me the book and asked if my mom was home. I said no she went out and will be back shortly. She said tell her to call when she gets back and started to leave. I said Sheila she’ll be back anytime now why don’t you stay and have lunch with me.
She agreed and came inside. I made her lunch and we sat down at the table. I couldn’t believe I was alone with the neighborhood’s finest MILF. We talked about me we talked about her; we talked about school, and everything in between. We were all done with lunch and I asked her if she wanted to watch some TV.
We cleared the table and sat down on the couch. We turned the TV on, and she started asking me about my love life. She asked if I had a girlfriend, at which the time I didn’t. Then she asked what had been bothering me. I said I’m pretty much the only kid in my class at school that’s a virgin. Sheila goes oh that could be a problem. Then quietly she says but that is going to change today.
I questioned what she said and she nodded her head yes. She got up from the couch and stood in front of me. She started slowly taking off her taking top revealing a red lace bra. I started to get a massive boner. She saw it almost come out of my jeans and she had a huge smile on her face. Then she seductively started to take her sweatpants off. Underneath she was wearing a very sexy thong that matched her bra.
She put her clothes aside and started to almost give me a lap dance. She took my shirt off and threw it behind her. Then loosened my belt and took my pants off to find a massive errection. Her facial expression told me she never saw a cock that large. Then she took off her bra and thong and we were now both naked. She went low and started giving me a head. It was the greatest feeling in the world; I have never felt it before because I was a virgin. Then she hopped on me and we started making out. I was feeling her up with no concern. It was the greatest day in my life.
After a few minutes we started to fuck. It was odd at first then it was amazing. She was on the couch bent over and I was behind putting it in her doggy style. Then a few minutes into that position she started to moan. It was so loud that it sounded like it was coming out of the TV. Then she said she wanted a facial. She gave me head to make me cum then I cummed all over her face. She was slurping it up like she was drinking a slurpee.
This went on all night. I said my mom would be home shortly to get her to stay. Actually my mom was on vacation in Hawaii. That morning I woke up next to Sheila naked on my couch. We both enjoyed it so much we did it again. As a memento she let me keep the red lace bra and matching thong. Till this day I still have them in the back of my closet in a shoebox. Sheila and I still talk and occasionally have sex. It’s a great relationship I want to keep up

First Time With a MILF

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