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cherry poppers

Sex = Male
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Language = English
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One night I was over at a friend's house and my friend
fell asleep and his sister came home and she was a fox.
I peered through the door as she changed and she caught
me and I was all red and everything. She sad come in and
she closed the door. She was in her skirt and top still
but she was wearing a sports bra. She jumped onto the bed
and said come and get it. So with my teeth took all of her clothes and she did that to me. She went down and gave head
like you would not believe I almost passed out. Then she slipped a condomn on my stiff prick. I kissed her and caressed her boobs and sucked her rock hard nipples.
Then I rubbed her beautiful ass and they finally she said
let's do it. I stuck my dick and I heard hymen break
and she moaned ohh Kevin your so big. I thrusted her
for about an hour and then did it doogy. Then she gave
me hand job ot relax my muscle. Then I went to bed with
her and her parents found the next morning and they flipped
out. 4 years later were married together and we have great

cherry poppers

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