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rub my pussy

Sex = MALE
Where it happened = my room
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Refnum = 38671
me and my girlfriend jo were making out in my room and she was sitting on my lap and then she started rubbing up against me with her pussy through her shorts getting faster and faster then she said to me" Rub my pussy Gav Rub it hard now"

So i didnt wait for her to change her mind and put my hand down her thongs and rubbed her up and down then slid a couple of fingers up her then she moaned fuck me FUCK ME NOW

so i stripped her bear and get my 8" dick out and slid it straight up her pussy making her scream with pleasure then when she had orgasmed she took me in her mouth and swallowed my cum then i returned the favour by licking her dripping pussy out.

we still fuck ever time we meet to this day. Enjoy the read

rub my pussy

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