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Barely Legal

Where it happened = His Room
Language = English
Refnum = 38242
I've kown this guy for the longest time. He is my best friend in the whole world and I would do anything for him. The only problem WAS he had just gotten out of prision and he wanted to have a party we just made the excuse that it was actually by birthday party so people may bring money to help with the alcohol and stuff. He knew how I felt about him and how much I loved him so this was no surprise on my birthday that I went up to him and asked him if I was old enough. It was actually at a party that he threw for me at his house. I had asked him if I was old enough yet and he was like old enough for what exactly?? I said old enough for you to take me. We went to his room (really the only quiet place in his house) and we locked the door. He turned on his strobe light and some Metallica (our fav. band). We started making out and I told him that I loved him and that I have wanted to fuck him for the longest time. We messed around a lot so it really wasnt too surprising. He told me to go and lay on his bed and I did. He was kissing me and he rubbing all over my tits and pussy. It felt so good. Finally I told him that I waited long enough for him and that i wanted him right then and there. Of course he didn't hesitate (what guy would???). He told me that he loved me and he entered me nice and slow. Yeah. It hurt... He's not that big but he's not small either. It was like perfect He fit into me so nicely and it felt so good to have him in me. We went at it for a while and I came a lot. He finally came and we layed there for about 30 min when someone started knocking on the door wondering what we were doing. Since we've always told everyone that we were ONLY friends nothing more we couldnt just say oh yea we just slept together so we kept it to ourselves. We told people that we were talking and stuff. But we will always know what happened on my birthday and he will always know how much I love him, because i show him almost every weekend.

Barely Legal

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