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I got fucked

Where it happened = Bathroom of a strip club
Language = English
Refnum = 38081

It all started when a lesbein friend of mine took
me to a strip club she was a regular there and was trying
to get me to turn lesbein (it didn`t work) so after i had
a few drinks i was wasted so went and leaned up against the
wall then a guy named Jordan came over to me and started
to hit on me he was touch my breasts
( i was hot Blonde 36d 118lbs.) and was mumbuling in my ear
asking if i wanted to fuck him so i said yes we went in to
the guy`s wash room and started fucking soft at first then
hard about to cum he pulled out and asked me to suck his
cock i did and then had cum i my mouth i sallowed and then
he started to kiss my breasts after about an hour he had me
naked and fucked hard sitting on a toilet on his lap
asleep. Now me and him are married and i get it every night
i want it.

I got fucked

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