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little sisters friend

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When i , i played football for my HS and was pretty much a stud at school. anyway, my sister is 2 yaers younger than me and had a sleepover with some friends at our house on a saturday night. well i came home drunk at about midnight or so and they were all in the living room giggling and doing girly stuff-i didn't pay much attention, they were 14. so i went in the kitchen and got a glass of water or OJ or something and was heading down to my room which was the finished basement. anyway, one of the girls came in to the kitchen before i left and was just wearing a nighty, and a small one at that. she said she thought i was hot and i just said thanks kid, or something well she asked if she could see my room & i said what the hell. so we go down there & she begs me to make out with her. i thought she was kinda cute but & i was a "big shot" old. well of course i gave in and as soon as i kissed her shee dropped her nightie revealing her little, naked body. she said, and i quote, "I need you to take my virginity, NOW! I've wanted your body fors" so i take off my clothes, jump on the bed and gave her the time of her life! (maybe not, but i like to think so!) she was pretty dirty for a 14 yr old girl, she never even asked me to use a condom or anything and seemed to like it when i came inside her little box. the next morning she came down and we did it again.

little sisters friend

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